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5 Reasons to Love Halstead Square Kitchens, Chef or Not

As soon as you walk through the door at the Halstead, you’ll be struck by the beauty of a blank, beautiful canvas with oversized windows and wide wood plank flooring.

Then there’s the kitchen.

The gleaming appliances. The massive sink (how many dishes could you fit?). The moveable island with storage space. It’s so beautiful. Then the practical side of you kicks in. If I don’t cook half the time, is it that important to have a fantastic kitchen? The short answer? Yes.

Here’s an explanation of why we adore Halstead Square kitchens, and why you will too—whether you’re a master chef or a takeout queen

1. They’re beautiful and functional.

There are kitchens that are incredibly utilitarian but plain, and there are kitchens that are gorgeous but just not a good fit. When you marry the best of both, you get a Halstead kitchen.

The gleaming quartz (or granite) countertops are spacious and thoughtfully placed. If you have a kitchen island, you’ll notice it’s not just eye-catching. It also provides a home for your treasured vintage wines (or a place for additional company to sit). The floors are striking, but also easy to clean. It’s not too much to ask for both. These days, it’s a necessity.


2. Big sinks are the best.

From college onward, we’ve sworn never again to settle for a postage-stamp-sized excuse for a sink. A big sink will allow you to host bigger dinner parties and eliminates the problem of overflow or splashes on countertops. Oh, and you can fit large bowls (and even a turkey) in there. Once you get a big sink, you’ll never know how you did without. Don’t worry about massive pileups keeping you busy—just use your dishwasher to make post-dinner cleanup a breeze.


3. Energy efficient appliances.

This isn’t something most people thought about even 10 years ago. Now, energy efficiency isn’t really an option, particularly if you live at Halstead Square. We firmly believe that you can have stoves, dishwashers, and fridges that are friendly to the environment, easy on the eyes, and highly functional. And that’s what you’ll get—easy eco-friendliness.


4. Islands and bars.

No, we’re not talking about a vacation to the Bahamas, but we may as well be. When you have more space in your home for hosting, you’ll likely want to invite friends over more often. Say goodbye to the days of squeezing past guests to reach the oven, and welcome friends and family into the kitchen. They will be able to sit at a moveable island or bar (depending on the Halstead Square building you choose). Have more fun socializing in the kitchen, and you might find yourself cooking more!


5. Open format.

On that note, let’s discuss how insane it is that apartments didn’t used to be open format. Now, it’s one of the most commonly requested feature by apartment hunters. Why? Well, because it really does make your home—whether it’s a studio, one bedroom, or two bedroom—the perfect place to have a girl’ night in. Or a guys poker night. Or a couples game night.

Don’t limit yourself by walls, and bask in the wonder of a kitchen that doesn’t isolate you from guests.


With the right kitchen, all kinds of magical things can happen—including more nights spent crafting and serving up home-cooked meals.

Looking for an apartment that’s tailored to your personality? Our options for luxury apartments in Vienna, VA, are unparalleled. Get in touch with us today and schedule an appointment!

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