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Heat Up Your Tastebuds: 4 Mexican Restaurants in Fairfax County, VA

Craving spicy tacos?


There are few things better than a tasty and filling meal of Mexican fare during the colder months. Sadly, the Dunn Loring Metro doesn’t reach as far south as Mexico. If it did, we’d be eating fantastic fresh Mexican food almost every day.


Fortunately, you can find decent Mexican restaurants right here in Fairfax County, VA. They’re right under your nose! Here are some of our favorite spots close to your luxury apartment in Vienna, VA.


Tequila Grande (Vienna, VA)

9-minute drive

We have a weakness for Tequila Grande’s massive burritos—the perfect antidote to lunch-less workdays.

If you’re in the mood for something lighter, try the sizzling fajitas, with onions, red and green peppers, tomato wedges, and served with warm flour, corn, or whole wheat tortillas. The chicken fajitas get rave reviews, but the steak and shrimp are also great picks, and will definitely warm you up in the colder months. The management is very responsive, and works extra hard to ensure that you enjoy a great meal, and the decor is clean and welcoming.

Perfect for: a leisurely weekend lunch


District Taco (Vienna, VA)

6-minute walk

District Taco’s come far from their food truck roots, with new restaurants cropping up in the DC and VA area yearly, it seems. And for good reason—its Mexican food is always made from fresh, high-quality ingredients in the “Yucatan style,” meaning you can expect plenty of smoky and acidic fruit flavors.

Try the Al Pastor Taco, made with carved rotisserie pork that’s marinated in guajillo and served with chopped zingy pineapple. If you’re really brave, you’ll go all out Yucatan and get the iconic Habanero salsa, which is only available by request—and merits a four-pepper rating on their menu. Meaning…keep the milk handy.

Perfect for: a post-work snack right off the Dunn Loring Metro


Taco Bamba (Falls Church, VA—Coming Soon to Vienna!)

7-minute drive

Right now, we have to drive 7 minutes to reach Taco Bamba in Falls Church, which isn’t too bad. But when it comes to Vienna, we’ll be even happier!

The food here is astoundingly delicious, with more attention paid to flavor-crafting than your average Mexican joint. Chef Victor Albiou is building an empire, and we’re proud to build it with him, one Birria (spicy goat) and Lengua (beef tongue) taco at a time. The only drawback? There’s not much seating. Thankfully, there’s also not a long wait.

Perfect for: takeout nights


ABC Canteen (Fairfax, VA)

7-minute drive

ABC Canteen is a no-frills joint in Fairfax, but its simple appearance doesn’t prepare you for the bright flavors you’ll savor in every dish. And they don’t just serve Mexican food, either— it’s perfect for all the times you’re with friends and can’t come to a decision.

Order a fish taco wrapped in a handmade corn tortilla or perfectly battered crispy fish and chips. Prepare to be shocked by the bill—in a good way. This place is truly an underrated gem.

Perfect for: post-drinks taco cravings (open ‘til 9 pm)


There you have it—some of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Virginia that are close to home. Want to live in the center of everything, right next to the Dunn Loring Metro for an easy commute? Look no further than Halstead Square Apartments in Vienna, VA. Get in touch with us today or schedule a tour of our buildings to see which one matches you best! (After you make your decision, stop for celebratory tacos.)

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