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Grab a Cheesy Slice and a Cold Beer at Lost Dog Cafe, A Pizzeria Near Halstead Square

Pizza and beer is a tried and true combination, and at Lost Dog Cafe near Halstead Square, dozens of gourmet pizza choices and hundreds of varieties of craft beer form the delicious menu. If you have more unique tastes, try the custom pizza order, which lets you select the dough, sauce, cheeses, meats and vegetables that will make the pizza of your dreams. Then, just add a beer of your choice to complete the meal.

While it specializes in pizzas, Lost Dog Cafe also offers custom sandwiches, pasta, and milkshakes. Regulars say the food here is tasty, but even better is that fact that Lost Dog also has a conscience: a portion of the cafe's profits go toward a non-profit animal rescue program which takes dogs and cats from shelters and places them in adopted homes. While the parking here can be tricky during weekends, there is valet service available for free on Saturday nights to make your visit a bit simpler.

Lost Dog Cafe
2729 Merrilee Drive
Fairfax, VA 22031
(703) 205-9001

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