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Stock Up On Fresh, Seasonal Produce and More at the Mosaic Farmers Market

Countless residents of Fairfax and the surrounding areas flock to the Mosaic Farmers Market every week, calling it one of the best farmers markets in the state. Their fresh items and low costs often beat regular supermarkets and also support local farmers in Virginia.
The Mosaic Farmers Market is open every Sunday, and it sells a wide variety of seasonal produce and more. Every week, customers browse the stalls looking for items they can't find anywhere else. From plump, juicy fruits to crisp vegetables, you'll find all kinds of healthy items grown just a few miles away. The market also offers various other prepared foods, meats and even pastries and desserts. Stop by for lunch or pick up ingredients for tonight's dinner at the Mosaic Farmers Market.
Mosaic Farmers Market
2910 District Avenue
Fairfax, VA 22031
(703) 992-7765

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