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Try the Thai-Inspired Ice Cream Rolls at 520 Ice Cream and Tea

520 Ice Cream and Tea presents a new way to enjoy your dessert: the ice cream roll. It's a type of treat that's popular in Thailand and, increasingly, in small shops across the country. 520 Ice Cream and Tea trains its staff to craft ice cream rolls the traditional way. They pour liquid ice cream onto a subzero metal base, mix in your chosen ingredients, and give it a few seconds to freeze into a solid sheet. Then they scrape up ribbons of the fresh ice cream and nestle the rolls inside of a cup for you to enjoy with a side of milk tea or fruit tea.

You can build your own sundae from the ice cream up or order one of the decadent pre-designed creations, like the Morning Latte. It consists of coffee ice cream with chunks of chocolate chip cookies and condensed milk. The Reese's Blast showcases peanut butter, Nutter Butter cookies, and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. Wash down your frosty treat with coconut milk tea, red guava fruit tea, or Hanzo Vietnamese coffee.

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