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Check Out Our New Nest E Thermostats!

Big news, Halstead Square residents! We'll be upgrading all of our units to Nest E Thermostats, which will make your home a whole lot more convenient and tech-forward.

These handy thermostats are efficient and energy-saving, which helps to keep our building green and also helps to keep your energy bills low. Aside from their green capabilities, the Nest E Thermostats also work in tandem with an app on your smartphone, so you can adjust your apartment's temperature, find out if there's a problem at home and monitor your energy use from anywhere you go. If you like for your apartment to be a little bit colder at night and warmer in the day, there's also a schedule function that allows you to set the temperature to change at different points throughout the day and night. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to visit us at the front desk!

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