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Avoid Exercise Boredom at CrossFit Fairfax

For anyone who quickly tires of running on the treadmill, CrossFit Fairfax boasts a constantly changing workout routine. Your muscles won't have a chance to get bored because as soon as they adapt to one strength-training move, you'll quickly switch to another. The dynamic routine builds muscles quickly and safely, making you stronger and stronger each time you visit.

Come to CrossFit Fairfax for an intro course to CrossFit. It focuses on functional movements (e.g., squatting and jumping) mixed in with spurts of high-intensity cardio to get your heart rate up. During a free intro session, you'll learn the basic moves and focus on proper form to avoid injuries. Then you'll be able to swing by any day to conquer the Workout of the Day (WOD), a lineup of exercises that you can move through at your own pace. It may include some rounds on the rowing machines, then a set of deadlifts, and then a few burpees. Each day is different, so your body will never get bored.

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