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Try the Snow Onion Fried Chicken at Choong Man Chicken

The snow onion fried chicken at Choong Man Chicken proves just how creative the chef can be. The dish starts with the crispy fried wings, tenders, or whole chicken, which the chef then smothers with a creamy white sauce and thin slivers of seared onions. You can order the snow onion chicken spicy, with golden curry sauce, with lemon dressing, or with soy-garlic sauce.

Since Choong Man Chicken opened a few months ago, the snow onion chicken has quickly become a customer favorite, but it's just one of your many options. You can skip the snow sauce and opt for garlic-soy, red hot pepper, or garlic spicy chicken instead. Complement your chosen chicken with the popular curry fries, coleslaw, or rice and wash it all down with soju or a Japanese beer.

Public Domain/Pixabay/ewhity

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