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Design a Healthy Meal at Poke Bar

Fresh seafood, crisp veggies, and hearty rice converge in each bowl at Poke Bar. The quick-serve restaurant opened in July to bring the Hawaiian poke bowl to Fairfax. The bowl traditionally consists of white rice, fresh produce, and rare tuna, but you can design your bowl however you like it at Poke Bar.

Begin by choosing a base of white rice, brown rice, or a spring mix. Then choose a protein, from the classic ahi tuna to scallops, salmon, or even octopus. Next, mix in ample amounts of veggies, like cucumbers and sweet onions, and then request a drizzle of ponzu, spicy mayo, or another sauce. Complement the creation with sides such as seaweed salad and crab meat, then add crispy onions, avocado, and other extras. If you don't feel like designing your own bowl, Poke Bar offers a handful of signature specialty bowls.

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