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Kitchen Bare at Halstead Square? Restock at Trader Joe’s!

There are many reasons why so many folks in the area remain loyal to the local Trader Joe’s. Just browse through some of the store’s reviews on sites like Yelp and you’ll get a sense of why people make TJ’s their neighborhood grocery store. Some customers appreciate the quality and the variety of the local produce, organic dairy products, and fresh baked goods (all priced well below other high-end grocery stores). Other customers feel a special affinity for signature Trader Joe’s products like the cold brew concentrate, peanut butter pretzels, and Mandarin orange chicken. Still other customers appreciate the store’s rotating specials and promotions that appear in the monthly “Fearless Flyer” newsletter (stop by the store or head to the website to browse this month’s selection).

Nearly all the reviews mention the clean, orderly, and professional atmosphere that the TJ’s staff makes a priority, which makes doing your shopping so much easier to manage.

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